I am a visual artist based in Munich, Germany, born in Bucharest, Romania. My artistic activity covers visual arts (digital art, traditional art, photography, graphics, design) and crafts (calligraphy, bookbinding). I work as a freelance artist.

In 2017 I have finished my researches and became a PhD in Visual Arts, with a project involving digital art, fractals, sensors and total immersion experience. I am in love with art mixed with science, I study virtual reality and art.

During a one year stay in Malta, in 2017, I have tutored calligraphy for 6 months, teaching multiple groups of students about the basics of beautiful writing. I have tutoring experience with students ranging from age 7 to 65+.

I collaborated with dexonline.ro for more than 3 years, as a permanent illustrator for daily column “Word of the day”, providing drawings for selected rare or special words in Romanian language.

I am creative, conceptual in my approach, curious about the world we live in and all the unseen strings that pull us together in the most beautiful work of art.

I am also in love with books and calligraphy, I work with leather decoration binding craft and quill and nib and ink and paper. Very skillful when it comes to tiny little pieces of artwork or even repair, with illuminating calligraphy or decorating leather. Experienced driver and passionate traveller. Graphic novels passionate. Eraser collector – over 35 years and a couple of hundreds of pieces. Writing instruments addict.

I have developed projects for: National Railroad Society, Dexonline.ro, Metrorex, Mediafax Foto, Evenimentul Zilei, Microsoft, Orange, Vodafone, BoConcept, HR Nouveau, Bosch Express Diesel, Compact, Decorporate, Nin Fashion, Shangrila, Smart Line, Catalyst Solutions, Setsuna, Slow Food, Galtonia, etc.

Nominated as an Erasmus student, I studied communication design in Saarbrucken, Germany from Oct 2010 till Aug 2011.

Contact details:

art [at] carmennistor [dot] com





For work in progress, thoughts, projects, etc. please visit my profile on LinkedIn, my artist FB page, or visit my blog